hastingsBeach EP

by mnttaB

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Another semi autobiographical, if not totally historically accurate stomp through fragmented memories of chances squandered and oppurtunities missed.
Sort of a concept EP Inspired by Bob Segars "hollywood nights" its pretty much the same story except its set in Hastings, England and EVERYONE dies at the end.


released November 1, 2011

mnttaB will be lanching "hastingsBeach" with a personal appearance at the "Paddock Bash" festival/party on Nov 12th, See you there.....



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mnttaB Melbourne, Australia

"a welcomingly aggressive music of defiance, sordid detail with a fully diesel cranked set of beats and bites.
File under: Hate was never so lovely if you like your Big Black larger and dirtier and a damn site more threatening."

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Track Name: mailOrder2FacedSerb
Mailorder two faced serb, pixelated soft porn news girls, hormonal chick lit conflict, Superficial plot developments.
Track Name: blindPeople
...friday night on the street outside the Falcon, you're here for Badgewearer and your friends pull you deeper into the crowd. Looking over your shoulder your eyes catch mine, one of those moments when your whole lifes' defined.
Track Name: fuckenSuburban
You could be an artist! you could be an author! - its so fucking suburban dear, its all so fucking suburban dear.
Track Name: hastingsBeach
They took his mums car, they drove for hours and hours, only when they reached the sea, was a word spoken out loud.
..under a blanket, t-shirt, black leather jacket, white english skin, raised goosebumps - they started a fire.
Track Name: ABC live@ShoppingtownHotel
Stick your hearts and flowers, stick your ivory towers...