Welcome to the planet, dear.

by mnttaB

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All songs except 'Greyscales' assembled/mixed may/june 2013 at home in Northcote 3070, special thanks to Neil at HeadGap, for listening.....
Synth on 'Bad_pixels' performed by Doug Du Fresne who appears
courtesy of Oakland CA's Diesel Dudes.
Vocals recorded at JamHut, Preston except for :
a) the rap on 'Greyscales' by Ipswich UK based Elloise Battle, aka Lady lethal, lyric originally used without her permission , but shes cool about it now.
b) the German vocals on 'Bequemlichkeit' by Rene Shaefer who plays
bass for Map Ends and Aktion Unit.
c) the vocals on 'Hammer/nail/tooth/claw' from Max Posthorn mainman of Melbourne's Nothinge and Sandbelt, intro is sample from 'i wish i was a girl' by Wasted Youth.
d) the voice on 'Everything' which was extracted from a homemade 3 CDR set of "educational" readings pushed anonymously/randomly into the mail box of my flat.
'Femme fatale' is an interpretation of the single of the same name by french punk legends Les Thugs...I promise I will re-record if/when someone sends me the words.


released July 18, 2013



all rights reserved


mnttaB Melbourne, Australia

"a welcomingly aggressive music of defiance, sordid detail with a fully diesel cranked set of beats and bites.
File under: Hate was never so lovely if you like your Big Black larger and dirtier and a damn site more threatening."

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Track Name: Watching your lips move.
I will be unreliable,
I will be riddled with self doubt.
sometimes I will escape,
but I will always come back.

I will torment you forever,
till your one hundred and six
I will smile at your jokes ,
and I will never hurt you.

I will always be here
although "here" moves around a bit
I will always honour the words
even though they werent spoken aloud.

I never lie,
well not that much
but I exagerate, pretend and
sometimes just get confused

my heart leaps at the asymmetry
the black, silver and glimmer thing
the hate and the hope
not advertised on TV

I watch your teeth,
see your lips move
watching your lips move
I love watching your lips move.
Track Name: Welcome to the planet, dear.
she had very little interest
and no fucking idea
sit down, shut up
welcome to the planet, dear.

said learning to cope with cowardice
its just like learning to cope with paying the rent.
sit down, shut up
welcome to the planet, dear.

all these things are cyclic
we always end up at the start
sit down, shut up
welcome to the planet, dear.

said shes not ready
said that shes been hurt before
sit down, shut up
welcome to the planet, dear.

sit down, shut up
welcome to the planet, dear.

Track Name: Unwind.
breathe out slow
exhale deeply
release the mess
tangled up in your chest.
rise and shine
coiled up spring tight
I think its time
release the safety catch
unleash, unwind!

Its probably safe now for me to share this feeling
I think its been long enough for both of us to heal some
Im in my Car still parked, and its getting dark
The door is slightly opem, interior light is on.
I should go in and change, make a start on dinner
I know in your world that you're still sleeping
I toss a coin and again take the middle path
I click on send , log off and regret comes at once

your turn now
spin round sit down
my hands the strap
I press my face to your back.
rise and shine
coiled up spring tight
baby its time
release the safety catch
unleash, unwind!

I try to smile and see the side thats funny
10000 solo sleeps lined p in front of me
Im out of space and places I can hide my face
Im out of words, and all my noise has left me
Im out of time and patience too, it seems
Im out of luck and worse still Im out of ideas
I toss a coin and again take the middle path
I click on send , log off and regret comes at once
Track Name: Bequemlichkeit. (ft. Rene Schaefer)







Track Name: Tomorrows kiss.
she seems to move with this economy of energy,
gliding on a cushion of super heated air
she looks at me and her face is hard to read
because her smile is too intense , arcing lights are blinding me.

I try to tell her that she really has to slow down,
she pretends she doesnt even hear or even listen.
I say you have to try to make some time for us to breathe, babe
but she thinks the truth is really different :she knows just when and what is needed.

so im stuck with these facts that you wont look at
they lie hidden and fester like a guiltly secret
denied words that you just refuse to feel.
but I think Ive done enough harm, I think Ive done enough harm.

And I come on full pelt, helter skelter, pulling out all the stops
All the grand designs of mice and men and worse
pouring rain and hail down on all of this
tomorrows touch, tomorrows dream, tomorrows kiss.

the city lights and all that glitter and gold
its all made up, its an old lie thats retold
remember me I think i heard you say
all the lights go out , wax, wane and fade
Track Name: Hammer/Nails/Teeth/Claws. (ft. Max Posthorn)
communications, twisted and bent:
you hear what I said, not what I meant.
with hammer, nails, tooth and claw
we fight and then we fight some more.

talk in lazy tones of open contempt
averted eyes miss signals unsent
If you look at me you think "I couldve done better"
If I look at you I'd know Im stuck here forever

Fourth door across, third floor up
vodka in the fridge, nothing in the cupboards
noone ever knocks, noone rings the doorbell
we havent been out since we got the foxtel

then we pick up where we left off
sinking back to the way it was
before I stop youre already starting
nothing learned theres nothing sunk in.
Track Name: Infinitepopsong.
got a postcard from the Ukraine.
some kind of global correspondence game.